About Meike

The artist Meike van Riel was born in Utrecht in the Netherlands and has been painting in her studio there for over 15 years now.

Meike began experimenting with colour, form and image from an early age on and gained her knowledge, inspiration and insight during her early years through attending her art classes in the neighbourhood. In those formative years she developed a fascination and love for nature, flowers and people and these themes are still very much in evidence in her current work. Creativity has always been an essential part of her life and remains an important driving force in her artistic development.
Although Meike was accepted to study at the Academy of Arts, she decided to follow her intuition and carry on independently. Her underlying motivation is that her personal development is more important and she prefers to continue exhibiting and exploring her own unique and quirky style.
In the past decade Meike's work has been evolving with the exploration and use of different mediums, imaging and continuous creative expansion.
Meike began her artistic journey by using acrylic paint and then developed her own technique that combines "action painting" and regular painting. Since then she has been developing her own techniques and compositions and her work has been steadily evolving with the knowledge and skills she has acquired along the way. Lately she has been working with oil paints and exploring the use of organic structures and forms in her artwork and the modelling of sculptures in bronze.
In the past seven years Meike has held regular exhibitions in Italy, Utrecht, Amsterdam and other cities as well as appearing in an American catalogue of international contemporary artists (vol. VIII) in 2014.
If you would like to visit Meike, view or purchase her art, or if you have any questions regarding her work, please feel free to contact her by email or by telephone.

meikevanriel@hotmail.com  / +31 6 48144005  

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