Artist Statement

Discipline and background

The discipline where Meike van Riel her strength lies is painting on large format canvas with acrylic or oil paint. Just about every day she creates. This can be in the form of a poem, a sculpture, a drawing or working on a painting.

She did reveive education at Artibus and she founded the Nieuwe School, a painting school.

Representation on the canvas

Meike van Riel wants to work as autonomously as possible. 

In terms of content, her "quest" was driven by the theme of "being human." Late summer 2022, the subject changed.

Currently, she is fascinated by the subject of simplicity. Recent large minimalist paintings are a response to today's complex society.

She paints tranquility and simplicity. Van Riel likes it the best when the viewer experiences this imagination.

This simplicity is reflected in the use of color and compositions. Many layers and hues, yet in the same color line. Minimalism is an expression as a representation for this theme. 

Inspiration and invitation

Her inspiration is strongly linked to her fascination and the need to translate Meike van Riel's emotional world into art.

She would like to invite you at her atelier, based in the Netherlands, Utrecht. 

2019 /2023  Galerie Article (solo),Wijk bij Duurstede

2019/2021   Gallery Staalkast (solo),Utrecht

2019/2020  Galerie Vinkenburgstraat 8, Utrecht

2018             Project The Colorfield Performances,

                     Culturele hoofdstad Leeuwarden

2018             Galerie Zaansgroen (solo),Zaandam

2017/2018  Galerie Salon West (solo), Amsterdam

2015             Montfoort kunstenaars collectief  

2014             Galerie Huis ter Heide, Drenthe

2013             Camaver Kunsthaus gallery, 

                   Como Lake, Italië

2013              Mary K Hotel (solo), Utrecht

2012              Grand Hotel Karel V, Utrecht

2012              Galerie Sille Kunst, Oudewater